Books on Tyne Festival

I’ll be talking about refugees and literary salons at the Books on Tyne Festival in Newcastle next month.

It’s an incredible line-up and I’m really thrilled to be a part of it. From Simon Armitage to Anne Fine, it’s a great chance to catch internationally acclaimed writers alongside up-and-coming authors.

There’ll be talks by local authors such as Karen Charlton and lots of events around topics of local interest such as Peter Beacock’s talk on architecture in Newcastle and GatesheadChris Phipps’ talk on Tyneside and cinema and Keith Jewitt’s talk on the Tyneside Literary Detective!

There’s also a real how-to emphasis with workshops on everything from interacting with an audience to navigating the murky waters of the publishing industry.

I’m hoping to catch Richard Jaffa’s talk on the journalist Olga Franklin, Simon Donald, founder of the Viz and definitely my Uni pal, the poet John Challis!

There’s also a real emphasis on events for children and families this year with plenty of interactive events for families.

See you there!


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