3rd September 1939

Yesterday was the anniversary of France, the UK, Australia and New Zealand declaring war on Germany and the beginning of World War Two. I’ve been looking back at what British people were getting up to during this period, and in particular what and how much they were reading. Seeing what people were reading and how people thought about reading and books at different points in … Continue reading 3rd September 1939

New Generation Thinkers 2016

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve been selected as one of this year’s BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinkers The scheme was set up by the BBC and the Arts and Humanities Research Council to find promising young academics to make radio programmes about their research. Competition is very intense and I was really surprised to be chosen – as part of the top ten pc … Continue reading New Generation Thinkers 2016

Durham Late Summer Lectures

I’ll be giving a public lecture on my new research, looking at the literary salon as a space for cultural warfare, as part of Durham University’s Late Summer Lecture Programme. The lecture will take place at 5pm on Wednesday 30th September at Alington House, Durham. To read more about what I’ll be talking about, see my previous post. You can get more information about this … Continue reading Durham Late Summer Lectures

The Literary Salon…

I’m currently working on a lecture, and eventually a paper, on the literary salon in Europe during the interwar period. This lecture looks at how the long-standing tradition of the literary salon took on a new guise in the inter-war period as a branch of Europe’s cultural armoury. The French poet Paul Valéry wrote in 1919 that ‘thousands of young writers and artists have died; … Continue reading The Literary Salon…